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RUDRA is the official team of SRM IST taking part in University Rover Challenge organised by Mars Society since 2013. The annual competition is held at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), Martian Analog Site, near Hanksville, Utah, USA. The team has been successfully operational for the last 7 years and has maintained its consistency in the competition. Our Team consists of 25-30 undergraduate students of every year from various engineering streams, working in different domains. The fun part - R&D, is the soul and essence of Team Rudra. Brainstorming discussions are always welcome for giving birth to new ideas.

News Updates


  1. Team Rudra stood at 3rd position globally and 1st among the Asian teams

  2. Team Rudra stood at 11th position in world and 2nd among the Asian Teams.

  3. Team Rudra stood at 20th position in world and 4th among the Asian Teams.

  4. Team Rudra stood at 9th position in world and 1st among the Asian Teams.

  5. Team Rudra achieved 12th world rank and 2nd rank in Asia.

  6. Team Rudra bagged 5th position in world and 1st in Asia.

  7. Team Rudra achieved 5th world rank and 1st Asia rank.




The Team
Rahul Agarwal
Team Lead
Renish Kumar
Team Manager
David Chaudhary
Technical Director
Chaitanya Joshi
Mechanical Lead
Farhad Bharucha
Coding Lead
Shri Venkatesh
Science Lead
Abhishek Reddy
Head Of Corporate


We are a non-profit student run technical organization. We rely completely on our sponsors and college funds. Your step towards sponsoring our team can stride a dream of Mars Mission further, through our participation in URC'20.



Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan
Dr. A. Rathinam
Thank you

The entire team is highly grateful and thankful to the Director, Engineering & Technology, Dr. C.Muthamizhchelvan, SRM Management and also for the guidance of the faculty Mentor/advisor Dr .A. Rathinam. As these developments and achievements of the team became reality only by the unstinted support of these patrons.

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C-404/405 - Placement Cell, SRM IST, Kattankulathur, Chennai - 603203

896-087-0550 , 987-002-4092

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